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Great Packaging by PrimeCity Woodbridge Movers

PrimeCity Woodbridge Movers offers a full range of packing services designed to meet your moving criteria. Our professional packers have the skill and materials to pack your valuables to minimize the event of damage.  We assure you that your valuables, from fine glassware, china, kitchenware, clothing, antique furniture, fine artwork, lamps, to even your most prized possessions will be packed with the greatest of care by our professionally trained, skillful packers. We have the equipment necessary to safely and securely move your possessions.

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Our experience coupled with dedication to our valued customers ensures that you always have “peace of mind” every time you use our service. Our well trained staff members understand the difficulty of relocating to a new home or office space and that’s why we always plan ahead of time to ensure a fast and efficient moving experience.


Woodbridge Movers has the equipment necessary to safely and securely pack and move your possessions.  We have employees that have been with us for over 15 years that are experienced packers that know what it takes to properly take care of your possessions. We pack with the correct materials to protect your priceless artwork or valuable china so that they do not get damaged in the process of moving.

We have every kind of box for your needs. If we don’t have the suitable one, we will cut and design a special box which meets your requirement. We carry wardrobes, mattress cartons, bubble wrap, different sized boxes, dish packs, picture cartons, newsprint, and tapes. We provide these for your move as well as we sell them to customers who want to do the packing by themselves.

PrimeCity Woodbridge Packaging can get it done in no time.